“Framed Story vs ShortWrite”

Although this blog started as a place to publicly display the fun that Laura and I have; she doing her art, and I writing a “clip” of a story about that image, the subject came up about a stash I have had for a while, (and add to) that are short “life clips” about the story that may surround that image that has been framed.

I have always intended to somehow make them publicly available in some form or another, but it would take at least 50 of them to make a decent book. So in a way, this is a great forum to see some nice frame jobs, and read a story that derives it’s muse from that framing.

Another difference between the two, is where I strive to keep the ShortWrites to 700-1,700 words, the Framed Stories can and have been in the “Short Story” category with 4-5,000 words, and two are well over 15,000 words with one of them trying to be a movie script. Some day, it would be nice to see Holly Berry in a Cicely Tyson type role…… do you think she could pull off a role of a black deaf doctor passing for white in the early 1960s?

So I hope this explains the injection of whole stories . . . or are they?


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