What is a “Shortwrite”?

I’m a writer. I can write a description of something, draw forth an emotion, create a condition that puts you there standing on the hot sand, as the first trickle of the days tidal waves of sweat begins making that exploratory track down the middle of your back, or is it the putrid hot breath panting past the rotting dagger sized teeth of the primal Mangdaloor as it breaths not three inches from your jugular vein and certain death?

But I can’t draw to save  my life.

That, is the talent in the skillful hands of Laura Reynolds http://www.prism-studios.org/website/index.html , the master at making my words, come to life. But, we have kind of a game that we have been doing for a while; and I thought we would let you in on the results.

She sketches, paints, sculpts or whatever she does, then sends me a picture of the results.

Sometimes, in the middle of doing something else; that picture starts to work on me…. sometimes it’s more, and sometimes, it is just a “shortwrite”, a snap-shot sort of that is a little snip out of the timeline in a greater story. It has to do with that image, and so, in my mind, it is like “60 seconds out of a great movie, that was never made and you never saw, yet.”

I hope you have as much fun with them, as we did.


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